IDS Scientific Milestones

Project Plan

Milestone One

Requirements, Architecture and Evaluation Specifications

Use case scenarios (D1.1)

Evaluation criteria (D1.1)

Application architecture (D1.2)

Milestone Two

Implementation  and deployment of edge server

Functional local edge server (D3.1)

5G enabled edge server (D3.2)

Milestone Three

Components-microservices Implementation

Enhanced MAGES SDK component implemented and tested (D4.1)

IDS components implemented and tested(D2.2)

Milestone Four

Application integration

The IDS, and MAGES components have been integrated and tested in the 5G edge-cloud continuum application platform.

Final IDS application release (D5.1)

Milestone Five

User Evaluation

The user evaluation process has been conducted successfully and reported in deliverable D5.3, after the development of the training module specified in WP1 with the utilization of the IDS application.

Training module development (D5.2)

User evaluation report (D5.3)